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About Us


Who We Are?

Jomaar Safaris Limited was founded in 2013 by Madam Joan Machora together with her dear husband Mr Maarten Vander Struis. It was set up with the intention to improve the quality of tour operation in Uganda and the Great Lakes region of Africa. The company began with meagre resources, but over the years it has grown leaps and bounds to join the ranks of some of the leading tour operating companies in East Africa.

What we do?

Jomar Safaris provides its clients with the most effective and expedient advice to ensure that the every client has the very best experience on their travels. All team members are professionally qualified and experienced to provide accomplished advice for both corporate and leisure clients. We offer services relating to all aspects of travel and leisure activities


Our Vision

The vision of Jomaar Safaris is to build long term bussiness partnership with our customers , which is built upon competitive ,cost effective and high quality service delivery.

Our Mission

To provide high quality safaris, tours and guiding services across Uganda and the entire East African region. Jomaar Safaris designs tailor made tour packages that suit our guest’s needs and budget as well as pre-designed set departure group tours. This however does not limit our guest’s option as they can still design their personal packages with the help of our highly skilled safari consultants.


Know More About Us

Custom made trips

Jomaar Safaris knows that the customer is the boss and hence we arrange tailor made trips for our clients using their budget and requirements to enable them have a memorable trip

Our diverse destinations have many surprises with rolling hills, rivers, sparkling crater lakes, abundant wildlife, forest walks, birding activities, adrenaline activities and of course, Mountain Gorillas and Chimpazee.

Jomaar Safaris has the experience and knowledge of Africa to ensure that any holiday booked with us exceeds your expectations. We specialize in Safaris in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda.

Travel Tips

you are required to purchase a tourist visa before you enter Uganda.

As of July 2016 Uganda Tourist Visas are USD50 and you can apply for a Tourism Visa online or get it on Arrival.

Uganda is a cash based society where the US dollar reigns as the currency of choice,and the use of credit cards is limited.

Traveller Cheques are not accepted everywhere and it is a cumbersome process to get them exchanged into Cash. ATM machines are found in major towns, have a Visa Card plus Master Card can also be accepted at limited banks, forget American Express Cards with ATM machines

Uganda’s year around Holiday Weather Is just another plus to visiting Uganda,The average annual temperature is about 26 degrees Celsius

The rainy season is from March till May and October till November. Light rain season falls in November and December. Dry seasons are from December to February and June to August.The best time for a safari in Uganda expecially tracking the mountain gorillas is the dry season

Uganda is one of the safest countries in Africa and Kampala one of its safest Capitals, however it will be prudent to be wise especially when it comes to money handling as just like any city in africa there a some cases of petty theft.